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Germapest was established in the year 1999 and is the first and largest pest management company with Germany as base location. We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products and Equipment through a countrywide network of multiple offices and employees.

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The professionals at Germapest know that your #1 priority is to rid your facility, business, or home of unwanted pests, and we share your passion for a pest-free environment. We understand the need to balance that priority with environmental stewardship in order to protect your family from adverse health risks caused by toxic products, while effectively providing pest management solutions.
At Germapest, we customize a treatment plan accordingly to your specific pest challenge after inspecting your home or business to identify the offending pests, what’s attracting them to your home, and their point of entry.

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Germapest's Termite Control Services helps you to make your home or office not only a termite free but also termite resistant.

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When you see any beehive near your home or office, and if you are concerned with Bees invasion anytime. Here we are to help you.

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When you find ants enrouted into your homes or office spaces, Germapest helps you to deroute and prevent their existence at yous place.

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With several years of experience in rodent control, Germapest can help in keeping your home or business rodent free. Our services are into a variety of commercial food handling and public storage businesses.

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Mosquito CONTROL

Germapest offers an exellent services in transforming your neighbourhood into a mosquito or flee proof.

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A bunch of your other problems can have solutions at Germapest with best proven customer satisfaction. Explore our other services.

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Termite Problems: How to Spot Them

Did you know that the most serious termite problems can bring down an entire house? When dealing with these invaders, one of the first things you need to know is how to find termite infestations.
At a certain point, termite problems become visible to the naked eye. You might see a honeycomb pattern chewed out of the wood in your home. If you ever see a mud tube on the exterior of your home, termites are close by. Go ahead and break the tube open to see if termites are still using it.
Termites can hide inside your walls for years before you see any evidence of their existence.
Our professionals will know where to look and will even use specialized equipment to check for termites inside the walls. Here at Germapest, we’ve been keeping homes pest-free for several years.

If you suspect you have a termite problem or want to make sure that you never do, feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to keep your home safe and secure from termite invasion.


I am pleased to inform you that your operation staff came and did the Bed bugs treatment. Honestly, they did a very good job and it was an excellent service. It shows the integrity of the company. I am satisfied with the service provided and thank you so much for helping me with your best service.


We had a situation where we and our employees were troubled with bees invasion into our office building. In no time we contacted, the Germapest team has approached our place and examined the situation and identified from where these bees have flown from. They took appreciable steps to route bees out of our office building and also created a permanent solution for us. We and our staff were highly impressed by their prompt response and their top-notch services.


Our house was located at a place that is just beside the woods, I have observed a little termite problem and contacted Germapest for their service. But they examined our whole house and have busted a large extent of termite resided beneath our basement. Their exterminators took immediate actions to get rid of it. They even assured our home to be termite free for 10 years. Thanks to Germapest for their service.


when our new home is under construction, one of my friend has recommended me to make my home termite free. After researching about best termite treatment services, I have contacted Germapest. They have done everything that is needed to make my home a termite resistant. Even for today I have never faced or seen any termite issue in our home. Whenever I see my neighbors complain about termite at their homes I recommend Germapest's services to them. Special mention to Germapest's experienced and understanding team.


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