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Have ant problems? Ants can easily find their way inside your home and help themselves to any available food source. Learn about different species of ants you may find in your home and the way they operate as a colony, as well as your options to fight them. Discover how to control ants with the help of the Germapest products. We offer effective ant prevention and control solutions for the inside and outside of your home!

What Are the Signs of Ants?
Obviously, the most common way to identify an ant infestation is by seeing them. If you spot large numbers of ants trailing to or from food sources in your home, you may have an infestation in or outside of your home. You might also notice mounds of dirt, sand or clay somewhere on your property, which could mark a larger ant nest. However, depending on the ant species, they may be inside walls or other hard-to-see places, making nests much more difficult to spot.
How do we Get Rid of Ants?
Ants can be a major source of distress for any property owner. Luckily, they can be dealt with in a number of ways. Once you’ve taken steps to remove attractants and prevent ants from entering your home, you can apply a wide variety of Germapest products to eliminate them.
- Target the Colony
- Stop Ants in Their Tracks
- Protect the Perimeter